Martial art techniques are learned throughout the world for improving self defense skills and effectiveness in fighting skills. In ancient times these skills were learned with bare hands and without any protective equipment which led to a lot of injuries to beginners. But with modern development things took turn for better and now there are special protections guard that are necessary for practicing these martial arts.

Since the inception of these ancient fighting styles transforming into modern Olympic games like Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing, Javelin throw, wrestling, fencing, archery etc. There are also various popular martial art forms like Chinese Wushu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and mixed martial arts that have captured the audience throughout the world with their exceptional skills and styles.

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One can have several health and fitness benefits from learning these martial arts in their own personal life. Boosting stamina, strength, movement coordination and flexibility in the human body, it also has positive effects like self-control, self-esteem, spiritual and emotional behaviour of trainers as well.

There are various especial equipments being used for these effective martial art forms. Breaking boards, wooden dummy, punching bags, makiwara and body protective gear which includes head gear, chest gear, lower guards, Shin protection, Forearm protection, boxing gloves, hand grips, shields, trousers, shoes etc all are built with specific material for better security and purpose too. These particular clothing and tools provides some stable protective gear for your whole body.

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Arndtstore is one professional high quality martial art supplies. We also deal in house security systems, Car cameras, Wildlife Cameras, hunting cameras, GPS tracker, Camo Tape, Hunting camera stands and miscellaneous sparring items. Our high quality martial arts equipments are unmatchable for their sheer brilliance performance and durability. Headquartered at Germany we ship our products throughout the world. We have served client across continents with complete satisfaction. We accept payment from PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery. We ship our products through DHL international packaging and are transferred within 24 hours.


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