Arndtstore GSM Alarm System offers totally advanced security system with wireless technology. This modern alarm tools are perfectly built to enhance your precious homes from outside theft, burglary, mishaps and accidents like fire. They come with digital screens where everything is connected via online and wireless technology controlled by remote for making all the necessary configurations as required. With SIM there are added benefits of call notifications and direct SMS whenever required. SIM functionality is there provided in-built in these system with app facility provided depending on the network operator which are web enabled as well. These networks may charge you extra for these services with respect to SIM functionality.

These alarms are fully functional without SIM cards as a comprehensive normal alarm system. These system are programmed to secure your home from any intrusion, there are PIR motion detectors which automatically turns the siren. For those who have Phone or SMS facility connected get messages so they are informed of the current scenario exactly and authorities also get message respectively about alarm activity. Some of them also come installed with SOS panic buttons which upon use provide emergency services directly to your home.


This becomes all possible due to Global mobile communication system network. This advance wireless technology is must now a day for business people who travel a lot from their homes and are busy in other activity most of their time. These motion sensors are built to track all possibilities of threats, intrusions and even fire as well. These alarm system comes with all the necessary accessories inside the box only with 1 GSM Alarm Center, Multiple motion detection as required, Siren, Remote Control to handle their configuration, Chips (if needed), Power adaptor with specific manual to get complete information for the buyer.

Arndtstore are flexible in accepting payment through all the mediums possible i.e. Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and COD (Cash on Delivery). We serve authentic GSM alarm system with 100% guaranteed satisfaction to deliver this product at your door step in best conditions. All our products are shipped through DHL which can be tracked through internet for exact delivery dates. These products are delivered free of cost in German Customers.


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