Martial arts technique are now taught and learned by people around the world. There are many forms of martial arts that are widespread these days with Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Jujutsu, Kung fu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA etc. In ancient times, the use of martial arts was limited to warriors and their teachers but with modern advancement they are practised for purpose of self-defense as well and physical fitness too. With their specific use in combat martial arts are also taught in Army and Military services as required fit.

Most of the methods and techniques are learned with modern sparring gear. Using traditional methods while training can result in severe injuries so whether you are newbie or expert complete protection guard should be there.

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Head Guards provide the safety for the most fragile part of human skeleton. Continous blows or sometime even one single punch or kick at the wrong place can be fatal. Our Head gear is of highest quality with PU foam material that adjusts accordingly. Light Weight, Easy to clean, hygienic with dip coated surface, special spaces for earpieces makes Arndtstore products the best in the online market. They are available in red, blue and white color with small to large sizes as required.

Chest Guards are worn across front chest with some support to your back as well. These provide the necessary protection to your front body preventing the direct impact from flying kicks and punches throw at learner while sparring. Built with impeccable damping properties, integrated, stable triple seam lacing partial elastic bands which gives maximum performance every time.

Arndtstore offers a complete taekwondo sparring set which includes reversible vest, head protective gear, Lower Guard, two shin protectors and 2 forearms protectors with varying sizes to meet the market requirements. Similarly Forearm Guards and Shin Guards are there in your sparring gear to protect respectively your arms and shins from the attacks during sparring.

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Other special items available on our online stores include Lower Guard for Male and Female, hand gloves, Foot protector, Muay Thai Shield, Kicking shield, Handpratzen, Coaching mitt, Muay Thai shorts, Ta Chi/Kung Fu Shoes, rope, mouth/teeth protection and tapes etc.

Arndtstore provides authentic and reliable martial arts supplies for all safety precaution and guidelines to secure fighters during the sparring whether it’s with your trainer or opponent. We at Arndtstore martial arts store accept all form of payment with respect to online banking, Credit cards, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery. Once you order is complete and payment is done they are packed with standard care and then delivered to home via DHL courier services. These are international package service systems which are tracked 24×7 for ease of information.


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