Learning About TAEKWONDO


A taekwondo student usually dresses themselves in white clothes whereas other color clothes are reserved for demonstrations or the one who is leading the group. ‘Dobok’ is the traditional term for uniform worn by Taekwondo martial artists. One of the unique recognition of the martial artists is the belts tied around their waist. Colour of the belt identifies the rank of the learner student, many schools use different color variables for their insignia among their students. Darker the color signifies the higher rank of the student among the group. All sparring in Taekwondo is done with no shoes i.e. bare feet, but during training some use typical martial arts training shoes.

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‘Dojang’ is the official term for the school or place where this modern martial art is practiced. Flooring used to be wooden but modern Dojangs have padded flooring in which all the taekwondo sparring takes place. A typical Dojang consists of grandmaster, the master, instructor and assistant instructor. Those who engage in sparring, wearing padded equipments for your head, hands and legs is necessary. Padded Torso protectors known as Hogu and Homyun which are padded helmets are the most important part of Taekwondo Sparring Gear. Hands, forearms, shins and groins protection is also worn for full contact sparring.

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There are many styles in which taekwondo martial art is practised but the ultimate goal is to control of body in mastering the art using positioning, posture and techniques governed by patterns. Taekwondo technique consists of many Stances, attacks, Kicks, blocks, patterns and self defense styles. Basic Curriculum of Taekwondo includes Forms, Sparring which includes free style sparring with time limits of minutes or point system in which there are breaks after every respective point, Breaking of boards with techniques based on power, speed and special techniques involving jumping, flying, Self defense techniques, Throwing, Falling, Anaerobic, Aerobic, Relaxation, Meditation, discipline, etiquettes, justice and personal leadership skills.

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Taekwondo sparring is mainly focussed on fast kicking styles, jump and spinning kicks with head height kicks. Popular Sports in Olympic Taekwondo, is more point or sport oriented there rather than going for combat style. Special emphasis and points is given to use fast spinning kicks with extra points which adopts narrower stances in world level competition.

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